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Keep Calm and Switch to Linux, don't argue with idiots!

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Have you ever argued with your friends/aspects about Linux?

Here I am sharing my experience about Linux,  advice your friends/aspects to do some research on advantages of Linux based OS (Linux systems without binary blobs and closed source software) before they make blind comments, they can't beat the plus points it have.

It is ultra secure and have no back-doors
No virus*
Minimal Resource usage
No vendor locking
Free as in freedom and beer
and more..

If you are new to Linux then start with Ubuntu or Ubuntu based systems such as Linux Mint, Lubuntu, Xubuntu or Ubuntu Gnome and later explore the whole world of Linux based operating systems focusing/specializing on different areas such as hacking, penetrating, privacy, server, mobile, embedded, engineering, entertainment, education, data recovery etc... !

For people who are concerned about privacy and security, I will recommend Trisquel GNU/Linux.

But you will miss some useful binary blobs and proprietary software. (on most cases binary blobs are not required if your hardware support opensource drivers)

*There are few viruses out there for Linux, but in most cases you have to inject one yourself for getting sick! Again, some Linux systems such as Android has viruses because its more popular so hackers know they all affect more people. Also it built in with with less security compared to a standard Linux system for making it user and developer friendly.
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