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Google Voice VOIP/SIP Set-Up


Google Voice service is only available in the US and Canada. If you live in these countries you can get a Google Voice account and a virtual US phone number. You can make free calls from/within/to US and Canada. (There are some tricks to get Google Voice account as well as a virtual US phone number for individuals who do not reside in these countries, but I will share that later.)

Here is the very useful trick that saves both your money and time. Even your granny can make or receive calls using an old school phone along with VOIP/SIP supported device.  Also, you can configure this in any software that supports basic standard SIP/VOIP.

Note: I DO NOT recommend to use your primary Gmail account as you need to save your Gmail username and password in So create a duplicate account just in case...)


1. Create a standard SIP connection to Google Voice using this website (it's free!!)

Important: If you have never made a call through Google Voice before, you must first log into Gmail chat with your account you just created and initiate a call through the chat widget. Then log into Google Voice, go to your voice settings and select Google Chat as the destination for call forwarding.

2. Fill out the form, double check the details you already entered. Then click the "Add" button.

3. GVGW will test your account and then provide you the SIP authentication and registration information that you will use to set up a SIP trunk to the gateway.
4. Now you have finished setting up your Google Voice SIP/VOIP server. Now you need to set up your phone using a SIP/VOIP hardware or any software that support SIP/VOIP. Here I’m using Empathy IM.

5. Go to account setup in Empathy and add new SIP account.
Note: If you don't see an option for adding SIP, install this additional plug-in)

Details :

User Name:   GV#your google voice (11 digits without hash)
Password:       Secret (Simonics Password)
6. Then select the new SIP account we created and click on "edit."   Mark "use this account to call landline and mobile phone."

 7. Click on "advanced options" and add the details.

  Settings vary in different platforms.
 HELP: Regarding software and devices, if you are stuck anywhere, feel free to ask me or you can also get help from Simonics Blog and Help.

Enjoy free calling and donate some money to and FOSS.

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  1. You are always welcome! But do not post too much links, Ok?

  2. i completed upto 4th step..i am using win7, so which VoIP application is used?. and also how can we call, using land-phone that connected or using applications?

  3. Fantastic I've been at this for days maybe weeks this is the first set up that actually works! PBXES doesn't seem to work, Sipdroid was a fail, and many other walkthroughs. I'm using my android as VOIP phone.

  4. @Russ L. it is used in android sir....?

  5. I jumped the starting gun, it's not working correctly. I setup the native internet calling SIP on my android phone and will ring the receiving phone but as soon as it picks up the outgoing phone will disconnect. So back to the drawing board.

  6. @sha A cheap magic jack USB adapter that they sell at Walmart can connect a landline to your computer for VOIP calling. It also comes with an application if you use their service but is not free. For free Internet calling I use Gmail, the on-screen chat module, and the voice plugin that installs when you try to make a call from the chat/message feature.

  7. It sounds like you want a VOIP box that they advertise at the bottom of the simonics website. It connects directly to your network via ethernet port and you can access it using your computer web browser for setup.

  8. I'm so close to getting this to work with my android phone using csipsimple app, adding the simonics account per generic basic settings. I can now make and receive internet calls, they can hear me but I can't hear them. I think if I mess with CsipSimple audio settings and codecs I can get full function.

  9. I was using this so comfortably for the last 2 months or so, but then I changed my google password ! As luck will have it, the simonics page says "New registration for the Google Voice Gateway is temporarily disabled. If you have registered already, you can use the form below to get your SIP registration credentials or delete your gateway registration"
    Do you know if there is a substitute like Simonics where I can do the same thing?

  10. Excelent VoIP / SIP post, i used X-Lite softphone and it's doing fine. Is there a way to apply these same settings to a grandstream 100 ?

  11. Hi want to use it on windows using xlite SIP please give steps, dont want to show it runs using google or any provider, or kindly give settings for just SIP xlite settings i tried I'm not able to use it on xlite SIP