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Most unforgettable prize in my life.


One of the most unforgettable day in my life was just recently when I won an internet contest for the first time in my life. The prize was a nifty t-shirt and it happened in 2012 October second week. The contest was conducted by a software company named "Code Weavers" based in US.

The contest was very simple and any one from around the world could participate, provided they had a twitter account.  All we needed to do was to follow them on twitter, and also re-tweet Code Weaver's post regarding the contest.  Apart from this, it was all luck!

I had known about this company for more than a year. Their software for running Windows applications in Linux and MAC are very famous.  Also they are one of the largest contributor to Wine FOSS software.
They selected one winner each day for a week and I followed their twitter account on the last day of the contest called "Sundays Twitter RT contest". Next day I recived a direct tweet declaring me as the winner of "Sundays Twitter RT contest". They asked me for my T-shirt size and shipping address, and I immediately provided them all these details.

The shipment arrived at my doorstep only after two full weeks of doubtful waiting via government postal service in my country as they had sent it through USPS first class mail and it costs $4.48 minimum for postage.  Here in India we get this t-shirt for just $2.5 onwards.

The t-shirt is "olive" in color with a stunning orange color "Code Weavers" logo on the left chest portion. Size of the t-shirt was a bit loose for me (I think medium sizes in India and US are different). So I gave the t-shirt to my cousin on whom the t-shirt was perfectly fit.

It's the first-time experience in my life, that I am winning and receiving a prize from outside India. Although none of my friends or family believed it when I said about this, as the shipment came in, everyone was amazed.

The most funny thing is that the t-shirt I received from USA was made in India (Indian-made T-shirt exported to US for Code Weavers, and then shipped back to India as my prize.  The shipment charges ($4.48) cost more than the cost of the t-shirt (roughly $2.5) itself!!!).

I was wondering how lucky that T-shirt might be to simply go all the way across to the United States and then fly back to its hometown, India.  Even we humans may find it harder to just visit the US!!!!
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  1. CodeWeavers ‏@CodeWeavers

    We're flattered RT @danialjose Most unforgettable prize in my life, @CodeWeavers #FlockTheVote contest t-shirt!

  2. Congratz Mr.Danial Dizzoza! Mr. Solvin Tom looks freak in your gift.

  3. Congratz man! The T-shirt being made in India was jus 2 funny!! :D [ But sad part is dat all latest computer n electronic goods (like mobiles - iphone, ipod) we want 2 buy r all being made "nxt door" in china, den going to US and sold here for 10-20x price. Pure robbery!! :( ]

    Nice blog, hope to see more tips n tricks in future.