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How to install non detecting USB modems in Ubuntu (e.g. iBall 3.5G Connect or Visiontek 82GH)

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Step by step instructions (Tested on Ubuntu 14.04 64 bit)

We will add the screenshots soon.

Step : 1

Open command terminal (short key ctrl+alt+t) and enter below command.


Note all the device showing in the result list

Step : 2

Plug your pain in the ass USB modem and run the above command again


Compare the result with previous list and note the new USB device listed.

Bus 004 Device 002: ID 05c6:f000 Qualcom, Inc.

so in my case
vendor=0x05c6 product=0xf000

Step : 3

Open up Disk Utilities software and select your USB dongle storage device and click on the eject button.

Step : 4

Again run the command


and not the change in product number

Bus 004 Device 002: ID 05c6:0016 Qualcom, Inc.

vendor=0x05c6 product=0x0016

Step : 5

Now we need to add the serial USB driver for this device as a module in linux kernel, for the we have to add it to


Open new command terminal and type below command

sudo nano /etc/modules

Step : 6

Paste the vendor ID and product ID you had noted from step 4 like below

usbserial vendor=0x05c6 product=0x0016

use shortcut ctrl+o to save the changes and ctrl+x to exit from nano command line text editor.

Step : 7

Download this script to downloads folder

extract it.

Step : 8

Move the script sakis3g to /usr/bin using below command

sudo mv Downloads/sakis3g /usr/bin

Step : 9

Chenge current directory to /usr/bin using

cd /usr/bin/

Step : 10

Make this script as executable with below command;

sudo chmod a+x sakis3g

Step : 11

Run the script

sudo ./sakis3g

and follow the onscreen instructions.

input your network name as user name and password (note must, anything)

It should connect to your network now.


Also you may need to add a dns server IP to resolve the website domains, for that just run this

sudo nano /etc/resolvconf/resolv.conf.d/head

and add this line to it


Again use shortcut ctrl+o to save the changes and ctrl+x to exit from nano command line text editor.

then update the setup using below commands.

sudo resolvconf -u

sudo service network-manager restart

or reboot your computer (recommended)


Use network monitor software to view the status.

You  can also create a desktop shorcut for sakis3g using their setup wizard, then you can use it with clicking on the icon. But you need to install one more package named gksu for working using.

sudo apt-get install gksu

You can also install below software for know the balance data and receiving messages (optional)

Download it downloads folder and run


sudo dpkg -i modem-manager-gui_0.0.16-2_amd64.deb

if you are using a different architect than 64bit then download the apropriate version of it.

Feel free to ask me any questions.


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Keep Calm and Switch to Linux, don't argue with idiots!

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Have you ever argued with your friends/aspects about Linux?

Here I am sharing my experience about Linux,  advice your friends/aspects to do some research on advantages of Linux based OS (Linux systems without binary blobs and closed source software) before they make blind comments, they can't beat the plus points it have.

It is ultra secure and have no back-doors
No virus*
Minimal Resource usage
No vendor locking
Free as in freedom and beer
and more..

If you are new to Linux then start with Ubuntu or Ubuntu based systems such as Linux Mint, Lubuntu, Xubuntu or Ubuntu Gnome and later explore the whole world of Linux based operating systems focusing/specializing on different areas such as hacking, penetrating, privacy, server, mobile, embedded, engineering, entertainment, education, data recovery etc... !

For people who are concerned about privacy and security, I will recommend Trisquel GNU/Linux.

But you will miss some useful binary blobs and proprietary software. (on most cases binary blobs are not required if your hardware support opensource drivers)

*There are few viruses out there for Linux, but in most cases you have to inject one yourself for getting sick! Again, some Linux systems such as Android has viruses because its more popular so hackers know they all affect more people. Also it built in with with less security compared to a standard Linux system for making it user and developer friendly.
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Host your own Diaspora POD with OpenShift for free!

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Ubuntu based instructions, step by step (work in progress, will add screenshots soon)

  1. First create an account on OpenShift
  2. Install Ruby (all steps are on local system)
    $ sudo apt-get install ruby-full rubygems
  3. Install git
    $ sudo git-core
  4. After you install both Ruby and Git, verify they can be accessed via the command line:
    $ ruby -e 'puts "Welcome to Ruby"'
    Welcome to Ruby
    $ git --version
    git version
  5. With Ruby and Git correctly installed, you can now use the RubyGems package manager to install the OpenShift client tools. From a command line, run:
    $ sudo gem install rhc
  6. After the OpenShift client tools are installed, run:
    $ rhc setup
  7. then run below command
  8. If you have none yet generate a SSH keypar: ssh-keygen.
  9. Create the application:
    rhc app create diaspora \
       ruby-1.9 mysql-5.5 \
  10. If it asks you to upload your SSH key, answer yes.
  11. cd diaspora to change into the new repository.
  12. Run the following commands:
    git remote add upstream git://
    git fetch upstream
    git reset --hard upstream/master
    git  push -f origin master
  13. Grab a coffee.
  14. Configuration

    Configuration is done via environment variables. To change something from the default set them via rhc env set, see rhc help env. To see what's available, read config/diaspora.yml.example.

    Adding yourself as an admin

    After you created an account on your new diaspora* pod, you can make yourself an admin with: rhc ssh diaspora -- '/bin/bash -c "cd $OPENSHIFT_REPO_DIR; source .openshift/diaspora_configuration; bundle exec rails runner \\"Role.add_admin(User.where(username: \'yourusername\').person)\\""'.
    Have look at my Diaspora* POD
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Free Linux Training Program in Cochin

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Free Linux Training Program (Based on Ubuntu Linux) 

Linux is much more than a normal Operating System. You gotta try it to believe it.  It represents a fusion of maturity with muscularity, the incomparable craftsmanship of UNIX nurtured, reinforced, and developed by the fast-expanding, global community of Linux users.

The details of the program are as follows:
This short term course is designed for people who are interested to learn GNU/Linux OS.  Any one with a basic knowledge of computing can attend this course. No age bar.  Classes are scheduled on Sundays.Kindly fill out this e-form . Conditions Apply

We look forward to extending our support to the people of Cochin and show them the power, flexibility and freedom that Linux has to offer. 
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(Not Working Now) Download songs from Spotify web player for free

Spotify have launched a web based player (Unity Dash Interface), now it have in beta. You can access the Web-Spotify via this link. This guide will show you how to download Spotify to .mp3 files with an easy to use Firefox Add-on!
Open Spotify

Login with your account!

Step 1: Open Firefox addons and install  Cache Viewer Continued

Step 2: Then play your favorite songs in Spotify web player

Step 3: Open the cache viewer addon and look for audio files

Step 4: Right click on the file name a save as .ogg or .mp3 file with song name.

Step 5: Enjoy playing your song offline in 160kbs for free!

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